More than a membership, a community

Being a purpose-led entrepreneur – trying to make a great living and make a difference in the world – can be a lonely business. Let us help you with connection, commitment, collaboration and, above all, community.  You need never feel alone on this journey again.

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Susanna Petche, Trauma Sense

I cannot recommend JFDI enough. The camaraderie, kindness and support of other JFDIers is incredible. The training and support provided is fantastic and the accountability, well, keeps you on track. And incredibly this is all done with keeping the whole work/life balance at the fore front. Invaluable.


Your dreams are fuelled by purpose, passion, people and principles. You don’t want to lose sight of that in the day to day busy-ness of running a business.

You want to grow – yourself and your business. It’s never been just about the money for you. You want to make a good living but you started this because you want to make a difference too: to create change for your clients, your community or the world at large.

You relish a challenge. This journey is exciting, fulfilling, joyful and energising. But it can also be exhausting and sometimes lonely especially when the world seems to be descending further into doom & gloom.

You’re committed to taking action: to doing what needs to be done to grow your business and your impact. You want to develop the right business strategy; craft the right marketing approach; create the right plan…

And sometimes it’s really hard to work out how to do that and what to focus on next as you seek to start and grow your impact business. It can be overwhelming and isolating and more than a little scary. And what started with joy can quickly begin to feel like a hard and lonely uphill slog!

I get it. I am a fellow traveller.

And what I know is that as well as gentle accountability, trustworthy expertise and common sense training, you are going to enjoy your entrepreneurial travels so much more when you have connection, collaboration and commitment.

That's why I created Actually JFDI®. More than a membership. A true community.

And when you’re part of Actually JFDI® – you need never feel alone on this journey again.



At Actually®, we combine business strategy with marketing know-how; planning prowess with PR expertise; and a healthy dose of coaching and mentoring experience thrown in for good measure.

Within JFDI you will find all of these things wrapped up with:

Support – to ensure that you are consistently working on the things that matter to create a successful business and great marketing

Community – a wonderful group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who will encourage you, collaborate with you, celebrate your achievements and commiserate with you when things don’t go as well as you would like

Guidance – advice, support and expert input to help you with the questions you have and the challenges you face on the roller coaster ride of starting and growing your impact business.

Actually JFDI® is more than a membership. We are a community founded on principles of collaboration, connection and commitment.

Valdirene 2

Valdirene Ruston, Fire & Flow Coaching

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity Sara. I'm loving the gentleness and spaciousness of JFDI. I'm really so grateful for this.


Actually JFDI® isn’t your average membership. It’s much more than that. It’s a community. But that’s not the only difference or the only reason you should join us.

Actually JFDI® is based on a philosophy: that sometimes the learning you seek and the insight you need will come from taking action. We are not opposed to talking, coaching, journaling and reflection – indeed these tools are built in to the way we operate – but we encourage our members to combine this introspection with inspired action.

We will hold your hand and hold onto your dreams for you.

We will believe in you even when sometimes you don’t believe in yourself.

We will nurture, support and encourage you.

And we will gently challenge you to get out of your own way and get into action: to JFDI.

Because there is always a way forward; always a next step you can take; always a way to recapture the momentum you need. And the world cannot wait for you to get on with making your difference.

You’re ready. And it’s time. To ACTUALLY make a difference.

Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis, Lutrette

If you're going to invest in yourself and your business, then JFDI is the place to come and put that investment because with everything that's already there that you can reach out to...it's just the full package. You'll work at your strategy, you'll work at the creative elements you need, you've got all these different people to fire off of and you don't have to do it alone. The whole team work and collaboration piece is ideal. It's just the best investment I made so far.


At Actually® we believe that strong Foundations are vital to creating a business that grows and marketing that works. In our flagship Starting a Business: The Foundations programme we cover the Actually Building Blocks from PASSION to PATHWAY to ensure that you have built the best possible base for your future business success. In JFDI, we help you with everything else! Planning, community, support, creative input, strategic insight, practical skills and more. Here's an overview of what you get inside JFDI:


Our bespoke portal filled with training, templates, guides and resources. The heart of our community.


A weekly call with Actually Founder - Sara Price - a chance to get your questions answered and to find opportunities to collaborate


Each month we help you to develop a key skill that you need to grow your business - from lead generation to cashflow forecasting!


Once a quarter, you’ll work with us on your 90 day priorities and create a plan to deliver them with ease, grace and laughter! Every month, we’ll review and adapt those plans to make sure you’re always on track.


A monthly content creation workshop - working with Team Actually to create inspiring, engaging and authentic content for your social channels, your blog, your PR or your emails. Marketing content that actually works!


Twice a month, a day of structured, facilitated co-working to make sure you are getting sh*t done and maintaining momentum in your business.


Additional ad hoc legal, tech and finance clinics with leading Actually partners - an opportunity for you to ask your questions and get expert advice.


A weekly writing hour with Team Actually’s book wrangler...Fiona Lafferty. Useful even if you don’t have a book to write!


A weekly tip, prompt or invitation in your inbox - designed to help you to take inspired action that will grow your business or improve your marketing.


The most comprehensive calendar of it's kind - produced and updated every quarter to give you all the hooks and prompts you need to create compelling content.


We are constantly updating and adding to the resources we make available for our JFDI members - in response to your feedback. This is YOUR community. We want to make sure that you are always getting what you need.


Joining Actually JFDI® is simple – just decide what level you want to join and then click the relevant button!

To help you decide, here’s what you can expect at each level:

GCF - Maria Back

Maria Baeck, Soulfully You

I've been a member since the beginning and this last year has been incredible. The value of this membership has exceeded my expectation by the bucket load. The support offered by Sara and the other members creates an atmosphere of collaboration and genuine camaraderie. In short, it's fabulous!


JFDI COMMUNITY MEMBER      (£65 per month)

As a JFDI Community member you will, of course, have access to everything in the membership site and ALL live training, Q&A and other session.

Community level membership is for those purpose-led entrepreneurs who want access to all of our online resources but also want the additional support, connection, collaboration and community that comes from live, interactive sessions.

You can become a JFDI Community member at any time. The minimum membership term is 3 months.


Fiona Lafferty, The Book Wrangler

I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am without your awesome knowledge, generosity of spirit and the collective wisdom of the group! Love it all!

        JFDI CIRCLE MEMBER           (£185 per month)

Joining as a JFDI CIRCLE member means joining a small group (each group is no more than 5-6 members) who are looking for next level personal support and input from Team Actually plus close collaboration and connection with their fellow Circle members.

As well as all of the benefits of Community membership, Circle members enjoy:

WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY CALLS (weekly): An opportunity for reflection and consideration of your intentions and priorities every week with the Monday JFDI call to set you up for a week of motivated action and momentum.

QUARTERLY MASTERMIND: A quarterly Mastermind session with your fellow Circle members - brainstorming ideas and solutions to help you address the biggest challenge in your business and plan for your next 90 days of success.

JFDI Circle membership is designed for those business owners who want the camaraderie, collaboration and close connection that comes from being part of a small circle of committed business owners.

Membership of the JFDI Circle is by application only.  We operate a waiting list policy. To find out if we have space available or to join the waiting list, please email talk@actually.world or click below.

Felicity Wingrove

Felicity Wingrove, Zen Communications

I couldn't be more excited! I've naturally signed right up! Like many people I suspect it was never the cost that stopped me from joining before, but more the lack of time to commit to the trainings. This is perfect - thank you soo much!

JFDI COMPANION MEMBER  (£9.99 per month)

As a JFDI Companion member you have access to all of the training & resources available on our private Membership site and to the JFDI Inspired Action sequence.

Companion level membership is for those who just want access to all of our online training and resources but who don't have time in the busy day-to-day juggle to attend scheduled live events and training.



I am a rebellious optimist. Let me tell you why.

Over 26 years in comms, campaigning and PR, I’ve launched major brands like Starling Bank and advised lunar space missions; I’ve campaigned for the rights of women and girls with SheDecides and helped businesses like Airbnb and Avon to grow.

I have loved every minute of my career but a few years ago – as the co-Founder of one of London’s leading communications agencies - I woke up one day and realised I just didn't care whether Kellogg’s sold more cornflakes or British Airways sold more flights.

I wanted to make a difference as well as making a living.

Sound familiar?

And here is where my rebellious optimism comes into its own because, you see, I have a vision, .a sense of what the world could be: a world in which every business is led by purpose.

In that world, the world I see, there is no longer any need to choose between purpose and profit. You can have both. And that world is a better and more beautiful place as a result.

I believe that businesses can create change. In fact they already do. Just think about the impact of Amazon on the High Street and you can see how businesses impact the world around them. But imagine a world in which the change created by business was purposeful, considered and for the common good? In which all the energy, the innovative power, the resources of business owners and entrepreneurs - all of that was directed at creating BOTH wealth AND positive change!

That's the world I want to see come into being. And it may not happen in my lifetime - but I am committed to using every resource, every piece of expertise and every shred of experience I have to make the biggest contribution I can to that world.

That's why Actually® exists. To help those who have a sense of purpose, to create healthy, growing, sustainable businesses - so we can demonstrate that it is possible and encourage more and more business owners to get on board with purpose.

Marketing advice, business strategy, mentoring, coaching, training - that's what I do.

But changing the world? That's why I do it.




Katharine Gale, FluxState

I came to Actually® & JFDI with just an idea of how I could change the world… [Their] wisdom, support and encouragement has enabled me to feel brave and have the confidence to step away from my work in the healthcare sector and set up my own coaching business with women around the menopause – and provided me with the knowledge and support to make a difference in my corner of the world.


Dr Jane Lewis

I love being part of JFDI, it is great for keeping you accountable and on track, there are some excellent trainings, and I love the support Sara gives us.

Maggie Cunningham

Maggie Cunningham, Magin Rose

As well as accountability, JFDI has the planning I needed: how to structure a business plan, how to create strategy, how to connect with other people who also want to make a difference in the world. I love the way that you recognise that there is something special about having a purpose-led business. Collaboration is so important in getting the best results that you can.


Andrea Yearsley, Pebble Fertility

Sara is a master communicator. She also has a huge heart, vision, passion and purpose. I’ve learnt so much from working with her and I find her support invaluable. She has created a wonderful community of people who are purpose-driven entrepreneurs that I am very proud to be a member of.

Nina Ludgate

Nina Ludgate, Nina Ludgate Coaching

All the fixtures have value to me and my business. Listening to others' challenges and hearing the answers gives me a nudge or ideas I hadn't thought of. I get a boost after a JFDI meeting and it's great to see & hear others go from a sad face and leave with a smile when their challenges have been consider and a sensible suggestion made for them to move forward.

Monika Hayrapet

Monika Hayrapet, Coach

I am clearer than ever in my vision & purpose. I have also grown in confidence enormously. I am not there yet but I certainly feel that I am on the right path. So thank you Sara, for your support, inspiration, all the gentle JFDI style nudges to face my fears and being the wonderful generous and compassionate human being that you are. I love you and the feeling of safety and support in this tribe of gorgeous inspiring ladies.

Anna Knight

Anna Knight, Anna Knight Coaching

Love this membership and all the folk in it. I'm very glad it exists!

Nicola Board

Nicola Board, Coach

Community member

I highly recommend JFDI! Sara is so generous with her knowledge and wisdom.

Alison Randle

Alison Randle, Smart Prospects

I love these co-working days. There’s always a little magic woven into them, and I think that has a lot to do with how you bring us together