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More than a membership, a community.

Welcome to JFDI, we are delighted you've decided to join us!

Just a few more clicks and you will have access to all the training, support and collaboration that you need to get your impact business up, running and growing.

There are two levels of membership available via this checkout: COMPANION and COMMUNITY. All members have access to our specially designed, private JFDI membership site and are invited to download the JFDI Companion app. On the site and app, members can access our:

  • Cavern – the Actually library filled with business and marketing training, inspiration and resources to help you to plan, promote and grow your business
  • Commitment Tracker - each week we will encourage you to make your weekly JFDI Commitments, to set priorities that will build momentum in your business and marketing. At the end of the week we prompt you to celebrate that you've achieved and consider what you've learnt.
  • Calendar – find out more about all the activity you ca take part in within JFDI and Actually
  • Check-out – access to the Actually priority shop where you can get your Actually merchandise, book workshops or access courses
  • And so much more…

JFDI COMPANION MEMBER (£9.99 +VAT per month)

As a JFDI Companion member, you have access to all of the resources available on our membership site and app to support you as you start and grow your business.

  • Need a training on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn or PR? We've got it.
  • Want to understand how to manage your cash flow or increase your profit margins? We've got that too.
  • Looking for people to partner with on a new launch? Check out our members list.

There is so much available to you as a Companion via our membership site. And with the JFDI Companion App  - you can access all of this support from the phone in your pocket any time you want!


If you want a chance to work live and direct with Team Actually, then you should consider becoming a JFDI Community member.

As a JFDI Community member you have access to our membership site and you can download our Companion app but you also benefit from an additional layer of live, interactive support from the community and from Team Actually. You can access our:

  • Check-in - a weekly live check-in/Q&A with Actually Founder, Sara Price. Come along and ask your questions about business, marketing, mindset and more. Ask for the support you need and seek out collaboration opportunities with other members. We believe that JFDI is the only membership of its kind to offer this level of access to the Founder every week.
  • Training – each month we help you to develop a key skill that you need to grow your business – from lead generation to cashflow forecasting.
  • Quarterly & Monthly Planning - once a quarter, you’ll work with us on your 90 day priorities and create a plan to deliver them with ease, grace and laughter! Every month, we’ll review and adapt those plans to make sure you’re always on track.
  • Monthly Networking - once a month we hold a virtual networking event for JFDI members to meet, celebrate their wins, seek support with their challenges and find supporters and collaborators. Plus a 10% discount on Actually Notorious Networking IRL!
  • Content Workshop - amonthly content creation workshop – working with Team Actually to create inspiring, engaging and authentic content for your social channels, your blog, your PR or your emails. Marketing content that actually works!
  • Co-Working Days - twice a month, a day of structured, facilitated co-working to make sure you are getting sh*t done and maintaining momentum in your business.
  • Ad Hoc Clinics - additional ad hoc legal, tech and finance clinics with leading Actually partners – an opportunity for you to ask your questions and get expert advice.
  • Weekly Writing Hours - two weekly writing hours with Team Actually’s book wrangler…Fiona Lafferty. Useful even if you don’t have a book to write!
  • The Inspired Action Sequence - a weekly tip, prompt or invitation in your inbox – designed to help you to take inspired action that will grow your business or improve your marketing.
  • Content Calendar - the most comprehensive calendar of it’s kind – produced and updated every quarter to give you all the hooks and prompts you need to create compelling content.
  • And so much more…

If you are interested in joining the JFDI Circle or Coven please email the office via

Please click here for access to the full Terms & Conditions applicable to the Actually JFDI membership.

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